About Seuren

About Seuren Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen

Seuren; growers since 1838

GEBR. SEUREN KWEKERIJEN, situated in the North-Limburg village of Lottum, was founded almost two centuries ago. Since 1838, tree and other cultivation, with roses as a significant specialisation, has been passed from father to son and daughter. In addition to the nursery, a flourishing international trade has developed. 

In 1838, farmer Johannes Seuren was one of the first inhabitants of Lottum to start cultivating fruit trees. His son Christiaan took the helm in 1858.

Starting in 1880, Seuren started to deliver trees not only in Limburg, but also in Gelderland, North Brabant and Germany.
At the time, Frans, Sjeng and Fons, Christiaan Seuren's sons, took over the nursery and expanded it further. In addition to cultivating fruit and avenue trees, forest and hedge plants, ornamental shrubs and conifers, rose cultivation started occupying an important place. Exports were growing as well. Roses eventually became the main crop at the Seuren family business, where Sjeng's four sons Jan, Chrit, Fons and Ruud also started working in the meantime. 

These four brothers continued the business from 1958. The nursery was further modernised and expanded with container cultivation. Exports also started to increase.

In 1987, John, Peter, Rob and Stan, the four sons of Jan Seuren, took over the helm. They modernised and innovated the business, and container cultivation was intensified. For almost two centuries, and today still, the combination of craftsmanship, product quality and service forms the successful foundation of Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen.

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Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen today

January 2017 marked the start of a new era for Seuren. Former director John Seuren's daughter, Suzanne Verhaegh-Seuren, took over the family business after many years of gaining experience within the organisation. 

Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen: a unique family business (six generations) that continues to grow with the times and aims to continue growing. Flexible and innovative. A business that seeks to retain the valuable professional knowledge, expertise and qualities built up in the past and integrate these into today's crops. Our motivated permanent team of cultivation experts has allowed us to develop into a top-level plant specialist with worldwide exports. 

The cultivation arsenal comprises more than 35 hectares,  Including 28 ha of outdoor roses and 7 ha container cultivation of dwarf conifers.

Together with her team, Suzanne guarantees high quality in products, services and unburdening the customer.