Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen is a European leader in outdoor rose cultivation. Our considerable cultivation experience and expertise, handed down through the generations, shared and refined by a permanent group of specialists/experts who have been employed for a long time and who feel strongly connected to the family business, translates into balanced cultivation processes of 3-branch roses of optimal quality (AA).

The cultivation climate in Lottum in North Limburg and the perfect soil structure and soil quality make for an ideal combination. These factors contribute to strong growth during summer. With its lengthy onset of autumn and subsequent winters, the climate is ideal for hardening off the plants plus their growth and flowering potential. The soil is kept healthy and in optimal cultivating condition with organic fertilisation and circular cultivation (no soil depletion or impoverishment). With sustainable circular cultivation, we respect people and nature and aim to achieve ecological balance.

Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen uses an extensive range of breeding materials from various breeders who deliver high quality. They include: Tantau, Kordes, Interplant, Spek Roses, Nirp, Roses Forever and Poulsen.  Their breeding material is grafted onto Laxa rootstock from Denmark. These combinations make for a strong foundation and a guarantee for AA-quality products with excellent winter hardiness. 

In order to optimise quality, Gebr. Seuren Kwekerijen works with two-year outdoor cultivation.

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